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Posted on 2023-03-12 20:24:19   
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The level also went down since a few years.

I'm playing casually since the beginning, not spending much time on the game, and i've always relied on my homegrown players.

During years all I could do was switching between Div II and Div III, but suddenly my team began to win with no real changes from myself, and now I'm playing in Top Div, and even won it once.

So no need to be a pro to reach Top Div. But it may also depends of leagues, they probably aren't all at the same level.

Posted on 2023-03-18 23:03:10   
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Did you have at that time 6 NT players?
Keep in mind that France is a very strong team and having 6 NT player isn't something you should forget!

Posted on 2023-04-15 19:01:57   
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Pulled today maybe worst youngster ever in game: most of skills 2, some 1, only strength is 4 and technique 5. Work ethic is 5 and as crown talent is 1(0.5 stars). Well, previous pull had WE 19 and talent 7 to balance things
Promotion to second division is now confirmed. It will be interesting whether I'll gain some points too and how it will impact attendances. Surely I'll get some experience of higher level and understanding how far from that I am. Probably will sell most of team after next season and stay with youngsters to reduce costs and giving them more early experience. Maybe I can avoid some mistakes with them(training control to more cost-effective) I've done earlier. One I can't repair was too early expanding to 21K when attendances have been around 17K.

Posted on 2023-05-17 22:04:32   
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-10 goals loss to another freshly promoted team means there is no points coming this season soon must start selling of older players to avoid bankrupcy. Now I see that promotion didn't help to increase attendances at all. Couple of seasons ago I had over 2M and now less than 100k. Not sure whether I can start again from zero and wait 5 more years to smell some competitiveness, so must avoid bankrupcy when it will knock on the door.

Posted on 2023-05-18 10:41:48   
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Hi, in my opinion it's because you have to much players with too big salaries for their age. (27 years old player with 21K salary means you make him progress too much in some caracteristics and not enough in other ones (if he is not a goalkeeper, of course).)
So yes, you have to sell or fire players.

2 options :
1 - sell all the big salaries and keep only your better youngs to train them better, more equaly, but yes, you shall be patient to be competitive.
2 - keep your top 7-8 players and younger ones but sell all the middle ones.

The first option seems to be the best to me, cause moreover you would make quickly a lot of money (at least you can keep a good goalkeeper to be sure to win some rounds in national cup against bot teams ) and even, if you are open to that, create sooner a competitive roster (8 or 9 mature players) with international players. It's radical, but if you want to be very competitive some day, and avoid today's ankrupt, it's the only way in my opinion.

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