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Posted on 2012-09-20 17:02:22   
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The tournament Molteno has already arrived at its second edition and has become a classic tournament in team sports landscape hb.
The organizers did not expect similar success in the first edition which saw winning HC KOTKA defeating HC SDENG.
I also wanted to point out that this year the organizers want to make the international tournament that is to invite teams from other leagues (eg, Pan America, Central Europe, African Region ...).
The tournament will be held every Monday with the friendly (the calendar you will be given at the end of inscriptions), will take place with a round robin tournament (round trip as in any season and at the end of the play-off and play-out) or a group English (knockout rounds beginning and based on the number of inscriptions also qualifying as the champions leugue).
The term of the inscriptions will be October 29th at 24.00 Italian.
I hope in your membership.
The incredible

P.S. Inscrivervi to send a message to the incredible (HC Sdeng) or Monza (HC Milan) or Lorenzo (Phoeniz Suns Molteno) written with the name of the player, the team and the division in which they play.
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