Preseason schedule
This preseason will be one week longer so that TeamHB will again will have roughly the same schedule as our other game, Grid-Iron.

The 40th TeamHB season is over. This season's Champions are:
Tunisia Olympique de Monastir (for the tenth time in a row) - African region
Iran Mildura Warriors - Asia & Oceania
Portugal Touros VM - Atlantic & Scandinavian region
BiH Spartan 300 (for the third time in a row) - Balkan region
Hungary My Little Pony R&R Band - Central region
Poland KS SPR Chrobry z Głogowa - Eastern region
France The Smashing Melons (for the second time in a row) - Mediterranean region
USA Queens Park Rangers (for the sixth time in a row) - Pan America

Hungary Vasas SC won the League of Champions

Preseason schedule:
Club rename: opens on Tuesday (04.06.) and closes for the season turnover.
Season turnover: Wednesday (12.06.)

Season 41 officially starts on Saturday (15.06.)

World Cup Schedule:
Friday (31.05.): World Cup, Group stage, round 1
Sunday (02.06.): World Cup, Group stage, round 2
Tuesday (04.06.): World Cup, Group stage, round 3
Wednesday (06.06.): World Cup, knock-out stage, Quarterfinal
Saturday (08.06.): World Cup, knock-out stage, Semifinal
Tuesday (11.06.): World Cup, knock-out stage, Final
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